Department of International Economic Relations

Director: Alexander Khvtisiashvili
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 19 00

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the international economic activities and relations of the Georgian executive authorities with foreign countries and international organizations in order to formulate a uniform policy of cooperation and ensure the implementation of Georgia’s international commitments;
  • Promoting the development of multilateral and regional foreign-economic relations and working out recommendations and proposals on the issues relating to cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations;
  • Using diplomatic means for obtaining respective trade-economic information regarding potential trade partners, as well as for attracting foreign investments and technical assistance for the implementation of international and regional investment projects of national importance;
  • Coordinating the conduction of bilateral intergovernmental economic commissions, within the scope of the Department’s competence, with the participation of various agencies concerned and respective structural entities; ensuring the proper implementation of decisions adopted by these commission;
  • Preparing recommendations and proposals regarding the conclusion, implementation, suspension and termination of international treaties of economic character.

Structural Entities of the Department:

  • Division of Multinational and Regional Economic Cooperation  
  • Division for the Promotion of Foreign Investments and Export