Department of Legal Affairs and Relations with the Parliament

Director: Irakli Koiava
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 20 00

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Providing the Ministry with legal support in carrying out its activities; coordinating the legislative activities; in coordination with other structural entities of the Ministry, drafting normative and other statutory acts regulating the diplomatic service;
  • Based on the analysis of diplomatic laws and other statutory acts, preparing proposals,  independently or together with the Ministry’s other structural entities, on making amendments and additions to these normative acts, on their revocation as well as on the drafting of new normative and statutory acts;
  • Coordinating procedures for submitting normative and statutory acts drafted at the Ministry to other respective agencies;
  • Drafting the Minister’s administrative acts and coordinating the implementation of procedures  under the law;
  • Preparing conclusions on the laws and statutory acts drafted at the Ministry or submitted by other ministries and state agencies;
  • Assisting the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry in implementing the authorities granted to him/her under the Law of Georgia on Parliamentary Secretary;
  • Coordinating the measures for the submission of the Ministry’s statutory acts for consideration to the Parliament;
  • Coordinating the measures for the submission of international law acts subject to ratification as well as related materials to the Parliament;
  • Coordinating the organizational measures for the elaboration of the Ministry’s unified position regarding issues to be submitted for consideration to the Government;
  • Ensuring the representation of the Ministry at the courts of all instances;
  • Carrying out other instructions of the leadership of the Ministry.