Service of Information Technologies

Head: Dimitri Labadze
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 30 01

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Creating unified electronic system for the sharing of information;
  • Designing and developing software solutions necessary for the effective functioning of the Ministry;
  • Providing technical support to the functioning programmes; creating and maintaining electronic databases;
  • Managing the server and network infrastructure of the Ministry; developing and putting into action systemic solutions and electronic servers;
  • Ensuring the preservation/processing and reservation of data;
  • Providing the systemic management of computers linked to the internal domain;
  • Ensuring the management and technical exploitation of servers and network equipment;
  • Carrying out permanent monitoring over the systems and servers of the Ministry and making recordings;
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning and optimization of the Ministry’s local computer network as well as the computer networks of Georgia’s diplomatic representations and consular offices abroad; introducing new and innovative equipment for ensuring the effective operation;
  • Ensuring the continuous functioning of telephone and television servers; developing and introducing various equipment and software mechanisms;
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning of computers and peripheral equipment, both at software and hardware levels; providing the customers with distance technical assistance and carrying out works to ensure the unhindered operation of computer equipment;
  • Ensuring the unhindered operation of video surveillance cameras, audio/video conferencing equipment and access control systems.

Structural Entities of the Department:

  • Software Division;
  • Systemic and Network Support Division;
  • Technical Support Division.