The Minister’s Secretariat

Head of the Secretariat: Ioseb Shoplashvili

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Assisting the Minister in everyday activities; taking part in the planning of the Minister’s work schedule and providing organizational support;
  • Supporting the operation of  the Minister’s reception room; scheduling the Minister’s meetings with officials and citizens;
  • Exercising control over the fulfilment of the Minister’s orders and instructions, as well as of the decisions adopted at the Minister’s and the Board’s meetings;
  • Coordinating the relations between the Ministry’s structural entities and, where necessary, organizing working meetings in order to fulfil the Minister’s instructions;
  • Processing and sorting out the incoming official correspondence addressed to the Minister and bringing it to the attention of the Minister;
  • Processing the incoming official correspondence addressed to the Ministry, sorting it out into various types of information and referring them to respective departments; notifying the Minister of the especially important pieces of the correspondence;
  • Working out the format of official letters to be sent on behalf of the Minister;
  • Preparing congratulation letters or other types of letters except those falling within the competence of the Ministry’s any other structural entity;
  • Ensuring that properly drawn up and duly approved documents are submitted for signature to the Minister;
  • Coordinating works on the issues falling within the competence of the Ministry;
  • Systematizing analytical materials and submitting them to the Minister;
  • Carrying out analytical research within the scope of its competence;
  • Preparing internal sessions of the Minister as well as meetings of the commissions created by Minister; drawing up protocols for such sessions and meetings;
  • Preparing meetings of the Board at the instruction of the Minister; drawing up agendas for such meetings;
  • Coordinating the preparation of the Minister’s official statements, public speeches, and media announcements;
  • Providing organizational support to the Press and Communication Department in arranging briefings and meetings with media representatives; providing the Minister with necessary materials;
  • Taking part in the preparation of the Minister’s visits abroad; exercising control over the process of drafting the Minister’s talking points and speeches and ensuring that they are timely submitted for consideration to the Minister;
  • Coordinating with the Political Department in preparing recommendations, proposals and other materials on the basis of the results of the Minister’s official visits abroad;
  • Making recordings of the Minister’s telephone conversations and duly submitting them to the deputy ministers and the heads of departments, in compliance with the procedures approved by the Minister for preparing recordings of meetings, telephone conversations and talking points of officials of the Georgian Foreign Ministry;
  • Obtaining necessary documents, materials and information from structural entities of the Ministry;
  • Coordinating the work on specific issues and reporting to the Minister;
  • Carrying out other instructions of the Minister.