Political Department

Director: Ilia Koberidze
Tel: (+995 32) 294 5000 – 11 00

Main functions and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the strategic planning of Georgia’s foreign policy and drafting respective strategic and conceptual documents, in compliance with the policy determined by the Parliament of Georgia as well as with Georgia’s National Security Concept, and based on the foreign-political analysis of the existing international environment;
  • Ensuring the continuity of the strategic planning of Georgia’s foreign policy through updating the existing strategic and conceptual documents and drafting new documents;
  • Elaborating a specific action plan and instructions for the diplomatic service in order to enshrine the aforesaid goals in the strategic documents of foreign policy;
  • Submitting the strategic and conceptual documents elaborated at the Ministry for consideration to the Government, the diplomatic service and public at large;
  • Taking part in the preparation of talking points, speeches, interviews and articles of the senior officials of the Ministry, in order to express the Georgian Government’s uniform position with respect to the country’s foreign relations and to ensure the compliance of this position with the goals of the foreign policy;
  • Carrying out systematic monitoring over the international developments; identifying events of topical importance to Georgia and forecasting their possible development; providing the senior officials of the Ministry with respective information and recommendations;
  • Issuing respective political instructions to the Georgian embassies and diplomatic representations abroad and coordinating the activities of the Embassies;
  • Analyzing the important issues and recommendations reflected in the reports of Georgia’s diplomatic representations abroad and monitoring over their practical implementation;
  • Taking part in the planning and conduction of political consultations by the Georgian Foreign Ministry  with respective agencies of the foreign countries and monitoring over the realization of the results of the consultations;
  • Pursuing cooperation with the respective structures of the partner countries;
  • Pursuing cooperation with think tanks and scientific community;
  • Coordinating the process of Georgia’s accession to the statements made by the EU in various international organizations and forums and maintaining respective statistics.