Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry regarding the field exercises by the Russian Federation in Georgia’s occupied territories

On 5 March 2015, the Russian Army began simultaneous field exercises on twelve firing ranges in the Russian Federation's Southern Military District and in Georgia's occupied regions of Tskhinvali and Abkhazia. Different military units, including divisions of air defense are carrying out large-scale exercises using various systems. These exercises notably involve advanced Russian military equipment such as "Igla" air defense missile complexes, "Tunguska" anti-aircraft gun and missile systems, "Shilka" anti-aircraft systems, S-300B, "Strela-10", "Tor" and "Osa" anti-aircraft missile systems.
Over 2,000 men and 500 units of military equipment are taking part in the field exercises.
These actions of the Russian Federation are further infringement of Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity. They constitute a gross violation of the Georgian Constitution,  the norms and principles of international law and of Russia's international commitments, including those Russia undertook by the Ceasefire Agreement of 12 August 2008 and pose a threat to peace and stability in the region.
The Georgian Foreign Ministry is extremely concerned over the matter, and demands the Government of the Russian Federation to comply with the commitments it has undertaken and withdraw its armed forces from the territory of Georgia and de-occupy Georgia's regions.
The Georgian Foreign Ministry calls upon the international community to duly react to Russia’s destructive steps and prevent another action aimed at further undermining Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Tbilisi, 5 March 2014