Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry regarding the developments in Debaltseve, East Ukraine

The Georgian Foreign Ministry expresses its extreme concern over the restoration of intensive military offensive by pro-Russian militants in East Ukraine, in particular, in Debaltseve and nearby areas, which represents a gross violation of the agreement reached in Minsk, in particular, its articles on ceasefire and withdrawal of armoured vehicles and military equipment, and puts the implementation of this agreement under serious threat.
The situation is further complicated by the fact that pro-Russian militants continue to prevent the OSCE observation mission from gaining access to Debaltseve and its nearby areas and from carrying out monitoring there.
The Georgian Foreign Ministry expresses the hope that the participants of the "Normandy format" will exert efforts to the maximum extent possible to prevent the further escalation of the tension.
At the same time, the Georgian Foreign Ministry calls upon all parties having signed the Minsk Agreement of 12 February 2015 to fully comply with the undertaken commitments and to respect the UN Security Council Resolution N2202 of 17 February 2015.
Tbilisi, 18 February 2015