​David Zalkaliani on customs monitoring of cargo traffic between Russia and Georgia

05.02.2019 - Information about opening customs check-points on the territories of two occupied regions of Georgia is false, states Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Zalkaliani.
“This is disinformation that is spread by Russian media and is supported by our opponents, opposition parties and former president of Georgia. Such discussion is categorically unacceptable, as it has nothing to do with reality”, Zalkaliani said.
Zalkaliani explained that Georgia and Russia signed the agreement "on the basic principles for a mechanism of customs administration and monitoring of trade in goods” on 9 November 2011.The deal provided for monitoring of cargo traffic between Georgia and Russia by a third party, Switzerland. “This agreement does not have any connection with establishing of any kind of customs terminals”, Zalkaliani said.
According to the Minister, the Georgian and Russian sides will continue meetings on this issue and no revision of the aforesaid agreement is planned.