The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has discussed a number of new initiatives within the framework of Ambassadors Conference -2018

According to Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani, the Foreign Ministry put forward a number of initiatives within the framework of Ambassadors Conference -2018 that are aimed at the economic development of Georgia, improvement of living conditions of Georgian citizens and raising awareness about Georgia abroad.  
One initiative concerns legal employment of Georgian citizens abroad.
Another initiative refers to the launch of Tbilisi Peace Conference – a high-level meeting bringing together representatives of partner states and international organizations, as well as international experts and journalists.
The idea of launching the institute of special representatives on economic issues was also reviewed during the Ambassadors’ Conference. Special focus will be focused on South-East Asia, Gulf countries, East Europe, Turkey, North America.
Special attention was paid to the initiative of establishing Foundation for Reforms and Co-operation of Georgia that will contribute to the export of Georgian reforms and innovations and will increase the perception of the Brand of Georgian reforms abroad.
Discussions focused on the active involvement of Georgia in the procurements of international organizations. According to the Minister, this will benefit the country both politically and economically and will increase the chance of Georgian companies to gain an access to the new markets.
The participants of the Conference also considered the possibility of creating a special foundation for Georgian diaspora that will fund projects submitted by Georgian compatriots living abroad and will carry out monitoring over their implementation.