EU membership is the dream that keeps Georgia on track to progress

21.11.2018, Tbilisi -  “Georgia is recognized as a leading country and an example of success in the format of Eastern Partnership because of a number of reasons. Georgia has really achieved a relevant progress. The Georgian people has always supported and respected the democracy, freedom and progress. The tasks which have been set by our country in these three directions, would have been hardly achievable without the assistance of the European Union and the format of Eastern Partnership. Many people think that Georgia’s membership in the EU is an illusion, a dream but this dream is bringing my country to the progress and is making Georgia much more free, is giving us energy and force in order to transform this dream into the reality,” - stated the Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani while delivering a speech at the Committee of Foreign Relations of the European Parliament where along with other issues, the Minister widely spoke about the progress of Georgia’s European Integration and the high level dialogue held in Brussels on 21 November” .
According to the Minister, today’s meeting was successful and aimed at deepening sectoral co-operation with the EU. Referring to the European Parliament’s Resolution on the Implementation of the Association Agreement by Georgia, Zalkaliani thanked the members of the European Parliament for recognition of Georgia’s progress. According to him, the implementation of the Association Agreement is one of gthe Georgian Government’s priorities.
“The short- and long-term task before us is to get closer to the European Union through legislative, economic and market harmonization with the EU standards that will allow us to move ahead with our co-operation. Next year marks the 10thanniversary of Eastern Partnership. And I think it is the time now to take a look back and analyze both successes and shortcomings. Eastern Partnership is a very successful initiative which enabled Georgia to move from Co-operation Agreement to Association Agreement. Currently, Georgian citizens travel visa-free to EU/Schengen   area and this decision had both practical and political meaning” – the Minister said. 

The Georgian Foreign Minister spoke about the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories and highlighted the EU’s role in the peaceful resolution of the conflicts and in the realization of Georgia’s peace initiatives. According to him, human rights violations continue to be reported from Georgia’s occupied regions where tortures and kidnappings are part of daily life and where the population is torn apart by artificial barriers and locals are deprived of the right to free movement and access to their plots of land.