Mikheil Janelidze spoke on Georgia’s European integration perspectives at the joint hearing of the three parliamentary committees

20.12.2017, Tbilisi - Mikheil Janelidze spoke on the country’s foreign policy priorities at the joint hearing of the Parliament’s Diaspora, European Integration and Foreign Relations committees on 20 December. 
“European and Euro-Atlantic integration represents Georgia’s primary foreign policy priority and one of the most important areas of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mikheil Janelidze told the lawmakers.

Janelidze announced in his address, that Georgia would develop a road map of the EU integration process to make the work of the Foreign Ministry “more focused,” specifying that, “conceptually,” this would involve four priority areas: Legal and institutional approximation through “full and effective” implementation of the Association Agreement/DCFTA; Analysis of the compliance of Georgia’s legislation to EU acquis “to prepare grounds for further EU integration;” Institutional and legal integration with the European Union beyond the Association Agreement/DCFTA (further specified in six steps); Implementing the EU’s 20 Deliverables for 2020,  a framework prepared by the European External Action Service and the European Commission.